1.7 Metals

Properties of Metal

Success Criteria

  • I can describe the features metals have.

  • I can name some metals and non-metals.

  • I can locate common metals in the periodic table.


Breathing / ventilation: Movement of air/water in a

Do Now

Do Now in your books:
Write down names of 4 metals.

2. Write down 4 non-metals.

3. What features/characteristics do metals have?

Lesson 1: Introduction to metals

Metal Properties.ppt
Metals & Non-Metals
Heat Conduction (start at 4 seconds)
Heat Conduction (start at 163 seconds)
Bathtub Metals
Bathtube Metals.mp4

Copy the blue text, and fill in the blanks.

Metals are sonorous. This means they can make a __________ sound.

Metals are lustrous. This means they can be made _________.

Take a Periodic Table and 2 felt pens. Use one colour to colour in 10 metals in the table, and the other colour to colour in 8 non-metals. Glue your periodic table in your book.

English and Te Reo Māori Periodic Table.pdf

Do Now

Do Now in your books:
Complete the worksheet Meet the Metals.

Describe what malleable and ductile mean.

Lesson 2: Metals, Heat Conduction, Periodic Table & Rusting