Reports & Key Competencies

Fortnightly Reports

At Massey High School, reports from each subject are sent home to caregivers on a fortnightly basis on Fridays.

In my Science subject classes, I will get students to complete a fortnightly self-assessment on the Wednesday before reports go out. This will give students a chance to reflect on themselves.

After looking at the self-assessments, I will decide on what the final report will be based on the following:

1) Completion of Homework

This could be any of:

  • Education Perfect tasks.

  • Classroom activities / tasks I have asked students to complete at home.

I will be setting 20 minutes of homework every day. If students have afterschool commitments, they must manage their time effectively so that this homework is being completed.

It is important for parents to support their child in completing homework.

2) Engagement

This could be any of:

  • Responses received in "Exit Task" activities in the last 10 minutes of the lesson. This will show if the student has been paying attention during class.

  • Mini quizzes throughout that fortnight.

Key Competencies

The New Zealand Curriculum identifies five key competencies, which are capabilities for life-long learning:

  1. thinking

  2. using language, symbols, and texts

  3. managing self

  4. relating to others

  5. participating and contributing

People use these competencies to live, learn, work, and contribute as active members of their communities. More complex than skills, the competencies draw also on knowledge, attitudes, and values in ways that lead to action. They are not separate or stand-alone. They are the key to learning in every subject or learning area.

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