9. Converting Speed-Time Graphs to Distance-Time Graphs

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Lesson 4: Hei Mahi (Do Now)

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Collect and complete this small 'Do Now'. Then glue into your SciPAD page 11. Use your commonsense when glueing - don't glue straight on-top of words!

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Find some space on page 15 of your PESS1.2 SciPAD,
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What does each letter in CUTLASS stand for? 

How are Distance Time Graphs converted to Speed-Time Graphs and vice versa

A ticker-timer tape can be converted into a graph by cutting the paper through each dot and gluing the resulting strips side by side. 

In the example below, there are five intervals, so cutting through 1-6 dots will give 5 strips. When the strips are placed side to side, the horixontal axis represents time intervals and the vertical axis represents velocity. 

Tasks & Homework

Task 1: PESS1.2 SciPAD

Page 14 - Calculating Speed from a Distance-Time Graph

Page 15 - New Zealand Secondary Schools Rally Team


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Homework - 9. Converting V-T to D-T Graphs