Working as a Team

Clear agreements, shared expectations and goals, and personal responsibility set the context for effective communication.

We will be exploring and practicing the processes and structures that help people work well together, establish trust and safety, and create shared ownership of roles and expectations.

Concept 2.1 Team Work

Success Criteria By the end of this lesson my classmates and I will begin to solidify as a group through team building activities.

Team Work

Concept 2.2 Rights & Responsibilities

Success Criteria By the end of this lesson I will understand why group agreements are important. As a class, we will also have agreed on group rights and responsibilities.

2.2 Rights & Responsibilities

Concept 2.3 Establishing Consequences & Rewards

Success Criteria By the end of this lesson my classmates and I will have agreed on consequences and rewards, and have committed to a contract.

2.3 Establishing Consequences and Rewards

Concept 2.4 Making Decisions

Success Criteria By the end of this lesson I will understand the different forms of decision making.

Making Decisions
Murder Mystery Mayhem

Lesson 8: Facilitation Challenges and Solutions

Success Criteria:

  • I can work as a team with my peers.

Facilitation Challenges and Solutions

Lesson 9: Exploring Situational Leadership

Success Criteria:

  • I can identify and practice effective strategies for addressing challenges in group facilitation and leadership.

Situational Leadership


This assessment will be due on Thursday 9 March 2023. Submit a paper copy of your assessment to Ms. Adviento.

9LEA Assessment 1 - Active Listening.pdf

Concept 4: Leadership

Lesson 10: Definitions of Leadership

Success Criteria:

  • I can identify what I think makes a good leader.

Definitions of Leadership

Lesson 11: Qualities of Leadership

Success Criteria:

  • I explored definitions and characteristics of leadership.

  • I can apply the definitions and characteristics of leadership to myself and my community.

Qualities of Leadership

Lesson 12: Leadership in a Community Context

Success Criteria:

  • I can apply our class definition of leadership to the context of my community.

Leadership in Community Context

Lesson 13: Responsibilities of Leadership

Success Criteria:

  • I explored the responsibilities that go with leadership roles.

Responsibilities of Leadership

Lesson 14: Leadership Goals

Success Criteria:

  • I have identified my goals for personal skill, attitude development.

  • I understand the importance of reflection.

Leadership Goals

Lesson 15: Values and Identity

Success Criteria:

  • I understand how personal values affect leadership.

  • I know why it is important for groups to encourage diversity rather than suppress it.

Values and Identity

Lesson 16: Value Priorities

Success Criteria:

  • I have reflected on my values and how I prioritise my values.

Value Priorities

Lesson 17: Personal Asset Mapping

Success Criteria:

  • I learned more about my peers and reflected on the strengths of our group as a community.

Personal Asset Mapping

Lesson 18: Youth-Adult Power in Organisations

Success Criteria:

  • I have developed an awareness of power and who is making decisions in organisations.

Youth-Adult Power in Organisations

Ongoing Project

Facilitating Whanaungatanga at Hui Arotahi