Level 1 Science & Biology

Level 1 Achievement Standards

Quick Links to the Internals

AgHort1.1 Practical Investigation (4 credits)

AgHort1.8 Landscaping
(3 credits)

S1.4 Heat Investigation
(4 credit

S1.7 Metal Uses in Society
(4 credits)

S1.11 Human & Microorganism Interactions (4 credits)

S1.13 Volcanoes
(4 credits)

S1.16 Dinosaur Extinction
(4 credit

Quick Links to the Externals

B1.3 Microorganisms
(4 credits)

S1.1 Mechanics
(4 credits)

S1.5 Acids & Bases
(4 credits)

Year Plan for Bio100

Year Plan for Sci102

Expectations for Sci102


It's just a fact that the higher your attendance, the more likely you will be to succeed in all areas of school life. So as your Sci102 Science teacher, I take your attendance very seriously.

Every day, you must strive your best to arrive to class within 4 minutes of the start of the period.

If you are late or are absent to Sci102, it is my responsibility to discuss the impact of your lateness or absence on your learning, and on your peers and myself as your teacher.

If you are late or are absent more than once a week, or if there is a pattern of lateness or absence, the issue will get escalated to your Tutor teacher.

Prepared & Ready to Learn

Being prepared and ready to learn is an important aspect of you managing your learning. So you must come to class with:

  • Something to write IN:

      • e.g. a 1B5 or 2B5 workbook for this subject

      • e.g. a laptop or tablet

      • Phones are NOT appropriate for note-taking.

  • Something to write WITH:

      • e.g. pencil, sharpener, and eraser

      • e.g. blue/black pen

Respect, Routines, & Tikanga

Teaching and learning can only happen if we respect each other and our learning space. Without respect, people feel unsafe, unwelcome, and closed off. For you to be part of this class, you must read through the Kawa below and sign our Class Contract pledging that you will try your best to follow these rules of respect.

Frequently Used Websites

Subscribe to the Class YouTube channel!

Click on this link, and subscribe to Ms. Adviento's YouTube channel using your school email address or your personal one.

This YouTube channel is where I upload lesson videos for distance learning - whether we go into lockdown or not.

Check our class' Microsoft Teams team on your laptop and phone.

Click on this link, to log into your Microsoft Teams online page.

The name of our team is "AV SCI102 (L85) 2022".

A lot of your homework will come from Education Perfect.

Click on this link, to log into your Education Perfect dashboard.

Your username is your email address. If you have forgotten your password, email me to let me know and I will reset your password for you.

Instructions on how to log onto Education Perfect

Science Pathways in Massey High School