Earth Science

Hei Mahi

Complete the Do Now on page 38 of your Papatūānuku Knowledge Book. 

What are some features of the crust?

Hei Mahi

Vocab Bingo (with a Prize)

Step 1: Draw a 3 x 3 grid as your bingo chart.

Step 2: In each square, write a word from the list of vocab below.

Papatūānuku          whenua          wai          te Rā          kaitiakitanga        rāhui          māramataka          kaitiaki          Tāne          Tangaroa          density          reflection          conduction          convection          radiation  

Step 3: Cross out the word once you hear Ms. Adviento read out its definition. 

Step 4: Yell out "BINGO" once you have crossed out 3 words in a row (diagonals included).

How do the tectonic plates interact?