8. Geosphere and Biosphere

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Lesson 3: Hei Mahi (Do Now)

Do Now on page 32 of your Knowledge Book:

1. Give one reason why Aotearoa has many volcanoes.

2. When one plate slides beneath another, the process is called...

3. Mountains are created when two plates...

4. How does the Pacific plate move compared to the Australian plate?

Lesson 3: Exit Task

In your Knowledge Book page 31

How does soil represent parts of both the geosphere and biosphere?

How does the Geosphere affect Living Things?

ROCKS are small pieces of the different layers of Papatūānuku. 

Some come from the crust, but some can come from lower layers as volcanoes erupt these materials onto the surface. 

When we look at rocks closely, we find that they are a MIXTURE of a lot of different substances called MINERALS. Minerals such as quartz, rubies and gold are a PURE SUBSTANCE that has the atoms bonded together. 

Since rocks are a mixture of minerals, they are made of a lot of different ELEMENTS and substances that are mixed together in different ways. These differences also give rocks different chemical and physical properties. Rocks contain some of the basic materials, but do not have many of the microorganisms and other things for plants to grow and thrive. 

So how is soil different from broken down rocks (e.g. dirt)? Soil has dirt, but it also has MICROORGANISMS and other NUTRIENTS. These have come from being part of the BIOSPHERE, where microorganisms live, but also come from things that were once alive and then broken down. 

The breaking down of rock and mixing with the biosphere helps support plant growth, therefore creating the basis of FOOD WEB all over the world. Each plant is adapted to survive in certain types of soil so the right soil composition can have a huge effect on the biosphere. 

When landslips occur, this often introduces large amounts of rock into the soil, and it can take a long time for plant life to grow in that area again. 

Weathering of rocks causing slow soil formation over time. 

Where does soil come from?

Soil is alive! Biodiversity in soil.

Dirt is dead. Soil is alive! Soil is amazing! (High level)

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