Year 9 Science

Plan for the Year

Below you will find the Yr 9 Science calendar for the Advanced Learning Classes for the year. However, please note that things may change, especially if Auckland goes into lockdowns again.

Each block of learning is called a 'Unit'. The order in which we do these Units are:

1. Introduction to Science Skills

In this Unit, you will be introduced to the Science laboratory, including the equipment, safety rules, and how to carry out an investigation. This Unit is important because it will set you up for success for Science Fair. (4 Lessons)

2. Inhabiting Mars (Contextual Unit)

In this Unit, we will touch on an aspect of each World (Material, Physical and Living World), in the context of exploring and inhabiting Mars. (12 Lessons)

3. Material World (World One)

This Unit is all about chemistry. In Yr 9, you will be learning about what makes up 'matter', such as atoms and elements, and their properties. You will be linking your knowledge of materials to their uses in everyday life. (21 Lessons)

4. Science Fair

This is your chance to ask those questions you've always been curious about! You will carry out your own scientific investigation from start to finish, and present your findings on a display board like the one above! (You will have 6 lessons in class. You can start as early as you'd like, and you will carry on during the school holidays).

5. Physical World (World Two)

This Unit is all about physics. In Yr 9, you will learn about the different types of energy. You will specifically learn more comprehensively about light energy and heat energy. (21 Lessons)

6. Living World (World Three)

This Unit is all about biology. In Yr 9, you will learn about the characteristics of living things, such as details about what makes up a cell, and how plants and animals obtain the food and energy they need to survive. You will also learn about our flightless birds in New Zealand - their history and endangered status. (21 Lessons)

Expectations for Advanced Learning


Attendance Responsibilities
Caregiver Attendance Handout

Prepared & Ready to Learn

Being prepared and ready to learn is an important aspect of you managing your learning. So you must come to class with:

  • Something to write IN:

      • e.g. a 1B5 or 2B5 workbook for this subject

      • e.g. a laptop or tablet

      • Phones are NOT appropriate for note-taking.

  • Something to write WITH:

      • e.g. pencil, sharpener, and eraser

      • e.g. blue/black pen

Respect, Routines, & Tikanga

Teaching and learning can only happen if we respect each other and our learning space. Without respect, people feel unsafe, unwelcome, and closed off. For you to be part of this class, you must read through the Kawa below and sign our Class Contract pledging that you will try your best to follow these rules of respect.

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Our classroom code is: p7edqzq

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