Material World

1) States of Matter

2) Gas Tests

3) Atoms, Elements, & the Periodic Table

4) Non-Metals vs Metals

5) Pure Substances, Compounds, & Mixtures

6) Separation Techniques

7) Physical vs Chemical Change


Assessment Information

Material World is the junior version of Chemistry, which is the study of what 'matter' is made of, its behaviour and properties.

In Year 9, there is a large focus on the elements of the Earth, as well as compounds and mixtures, and how these types of matter can be separated from each other.

Material World is assessed in the following ways:

  • 2 x Practical Assessments

      • Gases and their tests

      • Solve the mystery (Chromatography)

  • 1 x Topic Test

  • 1 x End of Year Exam

Revision Stuff

9MW Revision Focus Questions.docx
Yr 9 MW Revision Booklet.docx
9MW Practice Test 1.docx
9MW Practice Test 1 ANSWERS.docx
Year 9 MW Practice Test 2.docx
9MW Practice Test 2 ANSWERS.docx