Physical World


Assessment Information

Physical World is the junior version of Physics, which is the study of matter in terms of motion, energy, and forces.

In Year 9, there is a large focus on the different types of energy, including the energy used to fuel our cars and homes. We focus more in-depth on heat energy and light energy.

Material World is assessed in the following ways:

  • 2 x Practical Assessments

      • Snack Power (Energy in Food)

      • Reflection in Curved Mirrors

  • 1 x Topic Test

  • 1 x End of Year Exam

Revision Stuff

9PW Focus Questions.pdf
M9PW Scaffolded Revision Booklet.pdf

Education Perfect Tasks

I've set revision tasks for you on Education Perfect, under the following headings.

  • Energy

  • Light

  • Heat

9PW Practice Test 1.pdf
9PW Practice Test 2.pdf
9PW Practice Test 3.pdf