3. Scientific Equipment

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Lesson 3: Hei Mahi (Do Now)

Do Now on page 6 of your Knowledge Book:

1. Why does hair need to be tied back in the lab?

2. Why should you not eat or drink in the lab?

3. What is the sand bucket used for?

4. What is technology?

5. What is Biology the study of?

Lesson 3: Exit Task

In your Knowledge Book page 15:

Write down the names of THREE different items of scientific equipment, and their use in the laboratory.

Lesson 3: Exit Task

In your Knowledge Book page 15:

List all the equipment you would need to boil 100 mL of water.

What pieces of equipment are often used during experiments?

To carry out experiments in the lab, you need to know the names and uses of pieces of equipment that are often used. To the right is a table of common equipment and their uses. 

When science equipment is put together for an experiment, it is called an apparatus. For example, the picture shows the apparatus for heating a flask of water. The top drawing is three dimensional and has been drawn by an artist. The bottom one is a simple cross-sectional view, and is how you should draw apparatus for your science experiments. Note how much simpler the bottom diagram is. For example, there is no line across the top of the flask, and only two legs of the tripod are shown. 

Here is an even more comprehensive list of common laboratory equipment, from the Science World 9 textbook. 

Tasks & Homework

Task 1: Knowledge Book pages 11-13
Knowledge Questions, Using Knowledge.


Access your own copy of this homework task on Google Classroom. 

Functions of Lab Equipment

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