Mental Health

Your mental health is your emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Having positive mental health, a good emotional, psychological, and social well-being allows you to reach your potential and find a passion for learning.....

.....but I understand that there are times when you may just not feel right, when it's just too hard to face people, the class, the world. There may be times where you just can't describe how you feel.....

.....anxiety, body image issues, obsessive compulsive tendencies, depression, phobias caused by triggers from your environment. Strong emotions make it hard to focus......

.....find your safe space. Spend time with anyone who makes you feel even a little bit better. Avoid people who make you feel worse. Find an adult you can trust - it doesn't have to be me. Try to slowly build a support system around you.....

.....just know I'm here for you; your well-being is my priority. Who else is here to support your well-being?

MRGS Counsellors

  • Go to Student Services first thing in the morning and make an appointment with the counsellor of your choice.

  • Send a private message on Faccebook:

  • Email the counsellors directly:

Margaret Hoogendoorn (Head)

I was born and bred in the Netherlands, where I completed my Teacher Training. Teaching Art in New Zealand, students often brought up personal challenges with me in the Art room. I developed a passion for “helpful talk” and decided to train as a Counsellor.

I still feel as excited and privileged to work at Mount Roskill Grammar as when I started in 1996.

This diverse, colourful community has so much heart. The school’s overarching values of manaakitanga and whanaungatanga match my passion for restorative justice facilitation and for facilitating proactive groups to create connectedness and belonging.

I run the Peer Sexuality Support Programme and the school’s Diversity group with a large group of outstanding student leaders.

I have lived in the Mount Roskill community for over 30 years, and our children have both attended Mt Roskill Grammar. After working as a Family Therapist for 16 years, I became a School Counsellor at MRGS in 2001.

I love working alongside our young people and I am deeply committed to their social and emotional wellbeing. I believe as a community we are all responsible for the care of our children.

I am the Coordinator of the Peer Mediation and Mentorship service, and I work in collaboration with the Peace Foundation. We have over 200 trained Mediators at the school who act as ‘Ambassadors of Social Justice’. These inspirational young people speak up for the important values of peace, kindness, respect and equality for all.

Removing stigma around mental health is a particular passion of mine, and I have been very excited to work with year 12 and 13 student leaders who have a similar focus. The power of peer to peer messages is strong, and our “Live for Tomorrow…” events are so much more effective than my own voice could ever be.

I feel it is a great privilege and joy to accompany our wonderful students as they find ways to manage difficulties and celebrate their successes.

Learning about what is meaningful to our students and hearing how they express themselves authentically reminds me that I am on sacred ground.

After a background teaching English and Health and ten years of work in Secondary Schools as a Deputy Principal, I have recently retrained as a counsellor.

Entering my third year of counselling at our amazing school is such a privilege!

Research supports my belief that students are under ever increasing pressure from societal wide forces which may impact their achievement negatively.

I am delighted to be a part of such a fantastic support network for students which also works so proactively with issues facing our rangatahi.

I also assist two student leadership groups, Body Image Leaders and SYNC (Shakti Youth Network for Change), in their quest to support their peers.