2. Safety

Success Criteria

Your learning has been successful if you can do the following:


Learn these so you can communicate this concept well.

Lesson 2: Hei Mahi (Do Now)

Do Now on page 6 of your Knowledge Book:

1. Describe what Science is the study of.

2. What is technology?

3. What are the four areas of Science you will study at high school?

4. What does observe mean?

5. What are experiments?

6. How does Science link to technology?

Lesson 2: Exit Task

In your Knowledge Book page 5: 

Write THREE safety rules that were new to you.

How can we protect ourselves and others from harm?

Science classrooms are not like any other class at Massey High School. We call the class rooms LABORATORIES (often "labs" for short) and they have some special rules that keep everyone safe. There are also pieces of safety equipment that are unique to labs.

The lab rules are:

The lab also has a fire extinguisher, fire blanket, sand bucket, eye wash and safety glasses. If you follow the rules and instructions given to you by your teacher a fire will not occur. However, if there is a fire a FIRE EXTINGUISHER and/or FIRE BLANKET can be used to put it out. SAND BUCKETS are where used matches are put. 

If some types of chemicals get in your eyes the EYE WASH can be used to flush them out. Your teacher will show you what to do. However, if you wear SAFETY GLASSES this should not be needed.

Tasks & Homework

Task 1: Knowledge Book pages 7-9
Vocabulary, Knowledge Questions, Map of Science Laboratory and Map of Science Block.


Access your own copy of this homework task on Google Classroom. 

A Safe Workplace

Vocab Quiz

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